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AI Fake News Detector

AI Fake News Detector

In the age of information, the truth can often be obscured by a sea of misinformation. Our AI Fake News Detector is designed to be your beacon in these troubled waters.

This tool uses cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to analyse the content of news articles. It evaluates various aspects, such as the source's credibility, the context of the information, and the linguistic patterns used within the text.

Through this comprehensive analysis, our AI Fake News Detector can identify potential misinformation with a high degree of accuracy. It provides you with the tools you need to be a more informed and discerning consumer of news.

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My name is Rustam, and I was born to refugee parents who fled the war in Afghanistan. Growing up, I became politically aware and engaged, frustrated by the deep-rooted inequality and poverty in the UK.

In my final year of sixth form, I was unable to vote in the General Election of 2019 due to my age. This led me to create my political Instagram account, UK Fact Check Politics, where I fact-check politicians' claims, analyse manifestos, and provide daily news updates.

Despite studying economics at the University of Southampton, I continue to work tirelessly on UK Fact Check, with the aim of fostering real change. I am excited for the potential of greater impact in the future, and I invite you to join us in this journey.

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